Strÿx a Loco

Die verrückten Käuze


Our Story...

The last few years we traveled around the world with a variety of bands, whether in the Middle Ages with "Varius Coloribus Experience", "Cradem Aventure", "Spilwut" or "vanHinnen". Rock projects or even psychedelic music like "Südstern44" also appeared as a genre.
Now we have re-formed ourselves, included in the rehearsal room and developed our own style. Earthy, powerful and yet not overwhelming.

A large instrumental atrium is at our disposal, whether bagpipes and drums, flutes and didgeridoo, handpan and Scheitholt, guitar and guitarron, just to name a few.

Music from all over the world, from north to south and east to west, from ancient to modern-looking, whether traditional or original composition, always true to the motto "everything, just not boring". From calm and relaxed to rhythmic and exstatic, everything is there what the heart desires and makes the dance swing.
Be curious about what we have prepared for you, a mix of styles of all epochs united in one ... OUR !!!


Ulfbart Hansson

Is our rhythm, our earth, he sets the clock and holds everything together. He plays our percussion and likes to lead the Davul. He likes it quieter, with the Frame Drum and Handpan he transports emotions, which are useful for the quieter tracks with us.

Ulfbart has been on stage for many years with the veteran Roman Streisand and "Spilwut", is involved in various "Percussion" and music projects and most recently added "Varius Coloribus Experience" to the drums. Our "Strix Aluco" or tawny owl, connected and in harmony with nature.

Julius August vom September

It is our heart, on guitarron, bass and guitar he creates sound worlds that are so unique in the Middle Ages scene. A master of his instruments, one who never has to be in the foreground, but can do it when it matters. Whether musical earth or crisp solo, he knows what he does.

Julius has played in a variety of Bands and "Projects", including "Cradem Aventure" and "Cultus Ferox", and many years at "Varius Coloribus Experience", the string instruments. Our "Pulsatrix" or eyewitness, always in search of the same.

Iwan Satanowski

Is our all-rounder and enriches us with drums like Darbuka, bass drum or davul. But his passion is the didgeridoo, which makes our music a bit more unique. Iwan is still a Over and Undertone Singer, he also play different kind of flutes or even trumpet.

Iwan is active in several different music and theater projects and masters the art of dealing with fire. Our "Ninox" or Bush Owl, is probably due to his hair.

Don Kailypso

Don KailypsoOur Pipe Player. He plays different bagpipes, flutes if necessary and gladly in a quieter atmosphere also the Chalemeau. He is our voice to the people,he sings and moderates humorous and accompanies the program with his sympathetic nature.

Don Kailypso has already played with various medieval bands such as "Potentia Animi" or "VanHinnen", founded in 2003 the Duo "Sack und Pacc"  and the last few years he played the Bagpipes at" Varius Coloribus Experience".Our "Sceloglaux" or smiley owl, by his funny and humorous nature, he inspires not only the people.

We look forward to every one of you ....

   sincerely your Crazy Owls....